Vision :

Rupantar envisions a just society that fosters harmony with the larger community, culture, and nature.


Rupantar is dedicated to unlocking human potential, empowering people, strengthening democratic practice, promoting cultural diversity, and protecting the environment.

Values and Culture

  • Respect and value for all, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, color, caste, and class
  • Promote and practice democratic participation at all levels.
  • Respect for diverse cultures and traditions.
  • Recognition and respect for human rights.
  • Respect for nature and biodiversity.
  • We consider participation as a value and not a methodology.
  • Promote accountability and transparency.

Rupantar Gender Forum

Our gender forum has been functioning independently to promote women’s rights within the organization. Through our gender plan and budget, we mainstream gender within the organization and social spheres. Our independent Nari Sangsad anti-sexual harassment cell work towards an equitable gender in Rupantar and the community it serves.