Rupantar contributing to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)

Program Highlights of Rupantar contributing to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)

Annexure 1- Rupantar contributing to sustainable development goals (SDGs)

SDG Goal 01- As part of poverty reduction, Rupantar provided grant support to 2,200 households with BDT 25,000 (USD 235.24) for income generation activities, skill development training, small and medium business who are living extreme poverty level. The activities includes distribution of livestock, poultry, agriculture with Agro solution, fish cultivation, tailoring, beautician,

SDG Goal 03 – As a part of ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all age groups, Rupantar has prepared a district action plan with the government district administration of Khulna. The plan is to reduce the child marriages and to achieve SDG indicator 3.1 and 3.2 by reducing the maternal mortality rate and ensuring proper healthy well-being.

SDG Goal 04 – Rupantar ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Rupantar trained 100 facilitators. We are the pioneer of NGO for school theater education with 100 schools with 20,000 children to open distance learning (ODL) aligned with government issues.

SDG Goal 05 –Rupantar provided support to 2,000 marginalized women leader to practice rights and political empowerment process for women.

SDG Goal 06 -Rupantar provided support to 34,000 families with water and sanitation, ensured availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation in Dacope of Khulna district and Shymnagar of Satkhira district. 700 community based organization (CBOs) were trained on small-scale water resource management.

SDG Goal 08 – To promote inclusive, sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all, 150 vulnerable marginalized community people were supported with income generating activities, training and further support in three districts.

SDG Goal 13 –As part of contributing to SDG goal 13 by taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts Rupantar has taken initiative on climate change adaptation and bio-diversity conservation. WE provide awareness on adaptation to climate change and best practices for bio diversity conservation through action research to 300,000 people.

SDG Goal 15: Since 1995, Rupantar started working to save Sundarban. Using Pot song as a tool Rupantar had raised awareness. As of now, Rupantar had developed 5 pot songs, dramas, palakirtan productions and organized national Sundarban conference on Sundarban and its protection.

On 14 February 2001, Rupantar was the lead organization for organizing the first national conference for three days on protecting Sundarban. The conference was inaugurated by the President of Bangladesh Chief Justice Mr. Sahabuddin Ahmed. Since then, every year on 14 February we observe Sundaban day with a view to create awareness among mass people to save the biodiversity of Sundarban.

In 2004, we have officially launched project named “peoples’ initiative for conservation of the Sundarbans”, with our own funding in the impact zone of the Sundarbans. The main objective of the project is to save Sundarban- for ecological balancing and environmental development. “Sundarban Samachar” and “Badaban” are publications owned by Rupantar on protecting Sundarban. We have produced and screened films and documentaries based on the Sundarbans. With support from CARE Bangladesh, UNESCO, GIZ projects have also implemented various projects to protect Sundarbans.

SDG Goal 16 -To promote peaceful, inclusive societies for sustainable development, to provide access to justice for all and build effective, ensuring accountability and inclusive institutions at all level, Rupantar intends to achieve all 10 indicators mentioned in Ri0+20 outcome document. We have trained 10,000 elected local government officials, 15,000 community leaders and 500 local government bodies on service delivery, good governance and democracy respectively. We provided awareness to 325,000 people in 49 districts on human rights, violence against women and child covering significant trafficking zones. We have initiated a consortium named PEACE consortium to promote engagement and action to prevent violent extremism. Rupantar is also leading a coalition Stop Violence Coalition – SVC Secretariat for promoting social harmony.