Children & Youth Rights

Rupantar’s children and youth rights program was launched in 2004. The aim of the program is to protect and develop children and youth by strengthening the applied laws, policies and services across all social sectors of Bangladesh. Rupantar undertakes advocacy for change in social attitudes, norms, strengthens capacity of community to respond protection and establish protective mechanisms against child and youth abuse, violence, exploitation and rights violations.

Strategic approaches

  • Rupantar complements government of Bangladesh (GoB) effort in achieving the sustainable development goal (SDG).
  • Inclusive program’s interventions that activates all sectors of child and youth protection and empowerment.
  • A holistic view of children and youth protection engaging full range of actors involved in protecting their rights.
  • Promotes gender parity and child friendly spaces to overcome trauma

Key achievements

A plan has been strengthened for implementing national plan for action through child marriage prevention committee (CMPC) comprising of 146 members of those 44 female and 102 males.  157 duty bearers including civil society organizations (CSOs), media personnels, adult adolescents’ responsiveness increased on to prevent and respond child rights violations. Of those 41 female and 116 males. 16 days of activism and international women’s day have been observed at divisional level.812 people of those 510 female and 302 males participated in mass awareness campaign creating community awareness on reducing CEFM, promoting social, economic, cultural, and political achievements for women and accelerate girls’ education.