Peace means much more than absence of war it means harmony. Tolerance is the ability to bear differences, opinions, behaviors and preferences and it is an important key to keeping peace among co-workers and neighbors. As the time advances, countries with inclusive, accountable governments, fair, predictable legal systems have promised of development.  Without political and legal inclusion, it is not possible to realize the targets of the sustainable development to end poverty and protect our planet for future generations. Peace and tolerance is the key to ensuring that progress and prosperity so that people can claim and exercise their rights as global citizens. The success of all UN declared sustainable development goals (SDCs) rests on ensuring that SDC Goal 16 – peace and justice to catalyze social transformation is unlocked. To contribute in achieving SDC Goal 16, envisioning a violence free society fostering peace and harmony it is our foremost duty to inculcate every individual to explore their own respective faiths in peace building. Rupantar’s peace and tolerance program facilitates the process fostering peace, tolerance, mutual respect, social harmony by maintaining secular and synergetic culture where the targeted communities autonomously perform as resilient.

Rupantar has completed the implementation of 10 projects since the initiation of the PEACE and TOLERANCE program, which was dedicated in carrying out PVE-focused intervention supported by USAID, European Union, Helvetas Ggmbh, Embassy of Canada, International City / County Management Association, Democracy International, UNDP. We carried out an impact evaluation program jointly with New York university and NORC at the university of Chicago. Also a joint research and study with United National Centre for Counter-Terrorism (UNCCT) was carried out. As part of social media-related digital resilience development, we are experienced working with Meta / Facebook and UNOCT. Rupantar is leading the national PVE network with the role of secretariat, currently it has been operating in Rajshahi and Khulna division with the support of GCERF.

Project name - Preventing extremism through active community engagement (PEACE) consortium


Strengthen communities’ resilience through addressing key drivers of violent extremism (VE) and engaging youth for ensuring progressive social milieu and pluralistic view


  •  Adolescent,
  • Youth, community people,
  • Local elected bodies,
  • Government officials
  • Religious leaders.

Name of the donor:

Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF)

Major activities:

  • Strengthen communities’ resilience through addressing key drivers of VE and engaging youth for ensuring progressive social milieu and pluralistic view. 

Working Area:

Districts and upazillas- Khulna- city corporation, Satkhira in 7 upazillas, Rajshai- city corporation, Chapainawbabgonj in 5 upazillas and Dhaka city corporation.


Beneficiaries – 1,178,760  (f: 471,504 & m: 707,256);

Direct: 38,601 and Indirect: 1,140,159.

Project Coordinator:

Shahadat Hossain Bacchu
Consortium Director