Name of Project : Justice for All – Jessore

Thematic Areas-Support to UZLAC & UPLAC objectively;, Visible & Accountable , Community Sensitization Geographic Coverage Jessore district covering all the 8 Upazila and 91 Union Parishads

Duration : 18 Months from the starting date(13 October 2015 to 12 April 2017)

Project Budget

  • JFA Support BDT. 6,496,812
  • Rupantar Contribution BDT.  2,30,000/-
  • Total cost of project.  BDT. 67,26,812
  • Funded by: USAID

The target group

The main Actors of the project will be the Committee members of Government Legal Aid Committee like DLAC, UZLAC, and UPLAC as well as Panel Lawyers of DLAC and the targeted poor and marginalized local level community of Jessore District.

Goal: Grassroots poor and marginalized communities of Jessore district have equal access to justice from Union Parishad to District level.

Objective 1: To provide Support to DLAC, UZLAC, and UPLAC for their activation and effective legal aid services delivery.

Output 1.1: In Jessore district 8 UZLAC and 91 UPLAC are activated for enhancing legal aid services for the poor and marginalized through DLAC.

Output 1.2: Jessore DLAC is enabled to provide its support to Grassroots level poor and marginalized community through UZLAC and UPLAC.

Objective 2: To ensure visibility of government legal aid services through community awareness.

Output 2.1: Targeted communities aware about roles and responsibilities of UPLAC and UZLAC including duties and services of DLAC.

Objective 3: To increase community demand for access to justice by creating citizen sensitization.

Output 3.1: Increasing number of applicants for legal aid services and number of referral from UPLAC, UZLAC to DLAC.

Expected outcomes and anticipated changes:

1)    Reinforce and activating Legal Aid Committees in Union, Upazila level of Jessore district;

2)   A visible and accountable legal aid services are rendering by the duty bearers towards the disadvantaged men, women and marginalized.

3)   An effective coordination and referral system has established among DLAC, UZLAC and UPLAC of Jessore;

4)   Increase responsiveness of respective GO-NGO duty bearers;

5)   Increase legal aid demand from the grassroots disadvantaged men and women;


Project Impact/Results

  • The grassroots women and marginalized community have access to justice through fully active UPLAC, UZLAC and DLAC, UPLAC, UZLAC are fully active in supporting through DLAC the community people with legal services

Community people being sensitized are aware of the essence of legal services by the legal aid committees and have enhanced demand for legal aids services.