Project Title:Strengthening the Integration of quality and Comprehensive health services into Government Health Care system for survivors of human trafficking and abuse in 6 Upazila of Jessore and Satkhira districts in Bangladesh

Nature of the project: Promotion & conserve human rights for the Victims of Human Trafficking and Abuse in Jessore and Satkhira District Bangladesh community awareness and promoted victim friendly health services
Goal: Increase the awareness of the community people on special health needs of victims of human trafficking, availability of victim friendly health services and promoted positive attitude towards trafficked victims.

Funded by: IOM

Project Area: Tala, Shyamnagar, Kaliganj Upazila of Satkhira District and Sharsha, Chougacha, Jhikorgacha  Upazilla of Jessore District.

Project Period: May 2013 to December 2016

Financial status: Tk. 1,53,16,870

Project Beneficiaries: Total: 1,53,570, Female: 61,428, Male: 92,142        
Project staff: Total: 08, Female: 1, Male: 07
The members of community support group is willingly performing their duty and distributing the health referral card to the victims of human trafficking. Now the community showing positive attitude and empathy to the Human trafficking victims.

Establishing the Community Support Group and motivate them about such a sensitive issue like the special health needs of trafficking victims is seems difficult due to very short time of project intervention. Continuous political instability hampering human rights, like rally, meeting, mobilization, mobility etc,  
Lesson Learnt:
It is possible to develop joint initiative of community & government duty bearer against Human trafficking and create great sensitization towards Human trafficking victims through using awareness & development communication methods.