Project title :  Justice for All-Khulna

Thematic area: Outreach, awareness & legal literacy and awareness and community sensitization
Geographical coverage: Khulna district including all 9 Upazilla and 68 Unions of the district

Time line:  August 2013 to January 2017.

Estimated budget (in Bangladeshi taka) :

  • JFA Support BDT. 69,99,040/=
  • Rupantar Contribution BDT.  1,82,450/=
  • Total cost of project.  BDT. 71,81,490/=

Funded by: USAID

Major activities:

  • Quarterly Plug Money Support to DLAC for 4/5 stakeholders meeting support:
  • Facilitation and monitoring of bi-monthly meetings of UZLAC
  • Facilitation and monitoring of bi-monthly meetings of UPLA
  • Formation and activation Chowki Legal Aid Committees
  • Orientation of Chowki Legal Aid Committees
  • Quarterly Coordination meeting of Chowki Legal Aid Committees
  • Re Orientation of UZLAC and UPLAC members
  • Half-yearly coordination meeting with DLAC, UZLAC and UPLAC
  • Courtyard meeting with community people
  • Printing and publication of IEC materials (Leaflets, 10,200 copies , Legal Aid   Manual 100 copies, Poster of the legal Aid Citizen Charter    500 copies
  • Pot song show and performance of Gamvira
  • Observation on National Legal Aid Day at District & Upazila level:
  • Public Hearing by the Institution
  • School Based Debate Competition

Project staffs: Total- 10, Female-04 , Male- 06

Project Goal :  
Grassroots poor and marginalized community of Khulna district have equal access to justice from Union Parishad to District level

Objectives :

  • Increasing the level of activation and coordination of the District, Upazila, and Union Parishad   Legal Aid Committees within the target District.
  • Increasing awareness of government legal aid and legal rights among mass people.
  • Increasing acceptance of the use of formal justice system among communities.

Outputs/ outcomes:

  • All Khulna DLAC members and panel lawyers are aware of the project intervention in Khulna district
  • 9 Upazilla and  68 Union based Legal Aid Committees are actively functioning
  • 2 Upazilla level Chowki Adalat is active and functioning in support from Chowki Legal Aid Committees.   
  • All the 9 UZLAC and 68 UPLAC of Khulna district are providing legal services to the poor and marginalized community
  • 1020 UPLAC male-female members and 135 UZLAC male-female members have developed capacity on their roles and responsibilities for legal aid service providers
  • 9 UZLAC and 68 UPLAC are receiving legal aid applications and referring to the District Legal Aid Committees and other legal service providers
  • 20% of the grassroots community people out of 2.3 million of Khulna district are aware of demanding legal aid services for access to justice


  • DLAC, UZLAC and UPLAC are fully active in providing legal services to the poor
  • Poor, deprived and marginalized community people are continuing receiving services from legal aids committees from Union to district level
  • Targeted community people are informed about legal rights and process for remedies through the formal justice system.  

Target groups:

  • 1155 local elected bodies from UP and Upazilla
  • At least 1,500 male-female citizen leaders will be reached through various project interventions.
  • 2700 Student &Teachers.
  • 2500 grassroots male-female


  • 150 judges and lawyers will be reached through consultation meeting and other interventions
  • At least 20% (260,000 male-female) grassroots male-female

Other stakeholders:

  • Union Parishads
  • Upazilla Parishads
  • Non-Government level legal service providers
  • Local level CBOs
  • Women organization leaders
  • Journalists
  • Lawyers
  • Bangladesh Union Parishad Forum (BUPF)
  • Upazilla Parishad Association of Bangladesh (UzPAB)’s Khulna district Committee
  • Police authority
  • Jail authority
  • Khulna Bar Council
  • District Women affairs Officer
  • Department of Social Services
  • Others legal service providers