Small Scale Water Resource Development Sector Project (SSWRDSP)

Project Title: Small Scale Water Resource Development Sector Project (SSWRDSP)
Nature of the project: Awareness raising on Water Management and Cooperative Society issues through Drama and Pot Song.
Goal:  Strengthening local water resource committee for the development of livelihood, raising participation of female members to ensure local contribution.
Funded by: LGED
Project Area: 61 Districts of Bangladesh.
Project Period: From 2000 to till
Financial status: 1,21,00,000/-
Project Beneficiaries: 7,00,000 (around)


  • Increased number of female members in the society.
  • Motivated community is contributing willingly.
  • The formation of new Samity has become easier.

Have no Specific work plan, so have to arrange programme at any time. As a result it is difficult to maintain the quality of the production.

Lesson Learnt:
Through creating high level awareness, people’s responsiveness has been developed to unified intervention as like; Co-operative society, female participation for conserving small scale water resources as well conservation of bio-diversity.

Good practice:
Rupantar have a unique development communication methods & tools, like Pot song, Folk drama and other popular publication to create high level awareness for developing initiatives among community.  Small Scale Water Resource is considered very essential to conserve bio-diversity. Through this awareness programme the community developed cooperative approach & also prepared `cooperative groups’ including at least 30% women participation for the conservation, well maintenance of local water resources.

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