Promoting Engagement & Action for Countering Extremism PEACE Consortium PROJECT (in Brief)

Promoting Engagement & Action for Countering Extremism PEACE Consortium PROJECT (in Brief)

What is PEACE consortium

Promoting Engagement and Action for Countering Extremism (PEACE) Consortium is a consortium led by RUPANTAR playing the role of Principle Recipient (PR) with the support of five different local organizations with the role of Sub Recipients (SRs) to promote engagement and activism with a view to counter extremism as well contribute in building resilient community, funded by Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF) supported by GCERF-Country Support Mechanism (CSM) in Bangladesh and coordinated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh.

Background: Starting the journey of PEACE consortium

Rupantar has led and is leading a coalition since 2014, the very inception of Stop Violence Coalition (SVC). Rupantar is still playing the role of the Secretary General of the Working Committee of SVC. The involvement of the Rupantar in advocacy and campaigning against violence and extremism creates encouragement to establish Consortium. It is an ongoing effort to create more public space for discourse about the sensitive social and political issues of violence and Extremism in Bangladesh political and communal relations.

Rupantar learning and experiences are that political and communal violence is increasingly affecting average citizens’ which fosters the breeding ground for violent extremism. Rupantar also observe that ordinary citizen doesn’t have the space to discuss the challenges of political and communal violence. In the light this aversion to engage in open political discourse, it appears difficult for anti-violent activists to publicly challenge commonly held believes about the justifiability of certain types of violence.

Considering the learning and experiences of SVC, Rupantar facilitates to develop Promoting Engagement and Action for Countering Extremism (PEACE) Consortium and starting a long journey in the most vulnerable District for radical-political violence area Satkhira and Chapai-Nawabganj with the clear vision of envisions a violence free society.

The consortium is undertaking initiatives for respective age groups to enhance engagement of the communities to initiate positive steps towards preventing extremism, recruitment including radicalization and the other related dynamics. The religious leaders, adolescents, youth, social workers, ethnic minority and other potential influencing individuals and groups will be involved in the process and developing their capacity and skill to deal with radicalization, recruitment and issues related to violent extremism from grassroots community to the district level.


Strategic Commuity Intervention

PEACE Consortium intends to contribute in building the resilient community through community intervention with strategic planning. The change agents will play their role in influencing community people while various activities under a number of initiatives will promote the age long tradition and golden history of solidarity, brotherhood, social harmony, secular and syncretic culture inside the mindset of the community people. The main targeted groups of population are the youth.

Mission & Vision

The Consortium aims to facilitate the processes that foster peace and social harmony by maintaining secular and syncretic culture where targeted communities autonomously perform to prevent as well as counter radicalization and recruitment for extremism.

PEACE Consortium envisions a violence free society of resilient community fostering peace and harmony.


Project Timeline

Starts from 01 July, 2016 to 31 December, 2018.



Project Location

Satkhira District (7 Sub-districts, 78 Unions) Chapai-Nawabganj District (5 Sub Districts, 45 Unions)
1.1 Assasuni Sub-district – 11 Union 2.1 Bholahat Sub-district- 08 Union
1.2 Debhata   Sub-district – 05 Union 2.2 Chapai-Nawabganj Sadar Sub-district- 13 Union
1.3 Kolaroa   Sub-district – 12 Union 2.3 Gomastapur Sub-district- 08 Union
1.4 Kaliganj   Sub-district – 12 Union 2.4 Nachole Sub-district- 04 Union
1.5 Satkhira Sadar Sub-district – 14 Union 2.5 Shibganj   Sub-district- 12 Union
1.6 Shyamnagar Sub-district – 12 Union
1.7 Tala   Sub-district – 12 Union








Targeted Community People (no.)

Population Group 01:             Age 10-14:      37,901           (Female: 16,799; Male: 21,102)

Population Group 02:             Age 15-35:      123,862           (Female: 35,614; Male: 88,248)

Population Group 03:             Age 36+:         687,148           (Female: 76,037; Male: 611,111)

Total No. of Targeted Population:      848,911           (Female: 128,450 & Male: 720,461)



Name, Role and Working Area of the Organizations

Rupantar Principle Recipient (PR) Total Project Area

(Satkhira & Chapai-Nawabganj)

Agragoti Sangstha Sub-Recipient (SR-01) Satkhira District
Radio Nalta Sub-Recipient (SR-02)
Proyas Manobik Unnayan Society Sub-Recipient (SR-03) Chapai-Nawabganj
Barendra Unnayan Prochesta (BUP) Sub-Recipient (SR-04)
Anagrasar Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (ASUS) Sub-Recipient (SR-05)
Rupantar Sub-Recipient (SR-06) Satkhira & Chapai-Nawabganj



Total Approved Budget of PEACE Consortium is US $ 1,472,478 for the year 2016-2018.


Other Aspects of PEace COnsortium

Type Total No. (Satkhira + Chapai-Nawabganj) Satkhira Chapai -Nawabganj
Education Institutions 164

(College- 44, Madrasa-48, School- 72)

94 70
Community Radio Listeners’ Clubs 287

(Union Based – 123, Inst. Based- 164)

172 115
Theatre / Cultural Groups 12

(Upazila Based Cultural Groups)

07 05



Initiatives & Expected Result (S)


Initiative 01: Cultural & Sports Events for adolescent engagement in peace and harmony building.

Population Group 01: Age 10-14

Peace consortium intends that the adolescents aged up to 14, vulnerable to be recruited and purposefully used for radicalization become aware of as well recognize the threats of radicalization, intolerance, disrespect and engage in activities to create a pluralistic society by increasing their knowledge and improve themselves to protect from being victim in collaboration with other socio-cultural elements in the geographical locations they live in along with becoming able to support the community to put an end on recruitment process.

Initiative 02: Culture and Sports Event for youth engagement in peace and harmony building;

Initiative 03: Youth engagement as Community Radio program producer to interact with community especially Youth Listeners Club in targeted Districts on P/CVE;

Initiative 04: Inter-generation dialogue by youth with influential senior persons for building solidarity in the community:

Population Group 02: Age 15-35

Development of a resilient community environment with a change in collective mind and enhanced awareness supporting the community by forming new change agents from different educational institutions as well the community extending their active engagement for sustainable peace keeping; through folk Media and Community Radio articulated programs focusing on messages, threats and risks related to violence extremism; plurality, diversity of faiths and multiple identities of individual as well as groups getting reorganized and in some cases newly organized along with acceptance by the youth (15-35). The linkage between the district administrations, law enforcement authorities, media will play some very much important role to create a mass awareness and bring it into action with the community. The development of a resilient community environment will be fastened and strengthened by the linkage between the administration, law enforcement authorities and media while the intergeneration dialogue will supplement the linkage in between the community.

Initiative 05 & 06: Creating high Level of awareness to sensitize targeted communities through folk media and traditional cultural presentation.

Population Group 02: Age 15-35& Population Group 03: Age 36+

Initiative 07: Coordination/Interaction and rapport building with the Administration, Law Enforcement Authority, Local Govt. Institutions, media and professionals’ associations.

Initiative 08: Engage religious leaders for P/CVE and encouraging initiatives towards peace building

Population Group 03: Age 36+

The indoctrination of extreme ideology is defeated and kept aside with the community turning into de-radicalized where the youth and the seniors, the professionals and the community discourage the process of radicalization, recruitment and violent extremism with enhanced awareness and enlightened listeners/audiences against extremism led violence by folk media and CRS articulated programs along with the counter narratives.

The supporting organization of PEACE Consortium, GCERF, a public-private partnership was established to serve as the first global effort to support local, community-level initiatives aimed at strengthening resilience against violent extremist agendas. And we are very pleased to let it inform that PEACE Consortium led by Rupantar has been the first recipient of this support in Bangladesh. On the 26th July, 2016 the agreement has been signed between Khalid Koser, Executive Director, GCERF and Rafiqul Islam Khokan, Executive Director, Rupantar to bring this consortium effective to prevent and counter violent extremism in Bangladesh. PEACE Consortium from the very beginning of its journey has been committed to achieve the objectives by maintaining the strategic work planning for community intervention.


Contact Focals of PEace COnsortium Members (Executive Directors)

Name of the Contact Person Designation & Name of the Organization Mobile No. &


Address of the Organization Role in Consortium
Rafiqul Islam Khokan Executive Director, Rupantar +8801711345172

19 Akbarabad Estate

Shirish Nagar Gate,



Principle Recipient (PR)&

(SR 6)

Abdus Sabur Biswas Executive Director

Agrogoti Sangstha, Satkhira


Cold Storage More

Mill Bazar, Satkhira, Bangladesh

Sub-Recipient (SR 1)
Selim Sharier Station Manager,

Radio Nalta, Satkhira


Nalta Sharif

Nalta Mobarak, Nalta, Satkhira, Bangladesh

Sub-Recipient (SR 2)
Md. Hasib Hossain Executive Director

Proyas Manobik Unnayan Society, Chapai-Nawabganj




Sub-Recipient (SR 3)
Fayezullah Chowdhury Director

Barendra Unnayan Prochesta (BUP), Chapai-Nawabganj


232/2 Choto Bongram,Sopura,

Rajshahi- 6203,


Sub-Recipient (SR 4)
Rajkumar Shaw Executive Director

Anagrasar Samaj Unnayan Songstha (ASUS), Chapai-Nawabganj


Vill.+ P.O.- Kakohnat,

Upazila-Godagari, District-Rajshahi,


Sub-Recipient (SR 5)



For further queries, please contact:

Shahadat Hossain Bacchu

Consortium Director,

PEACE Consortium

19 Akbarabad Estate, Shirish Nagar Gate,

Khulna- 9100, Bangladesh.

Contact:+88 01733 224811


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