Engaging Communities for Social and Behaviour Change in Satkhira.

Project Title: Engaging Communities for Social and Behaviour Change in Satkhira.
Nature of the project: Child protection and development are central to the mandate of Rupantar. It plans to develop an intervention that informs adolescents and adults on child development with a strong focus on adolescence from a rights perspective.
Project Goal: The overall goal of the PCA is to contribute to improved child caring practices and to engender new social norms that will result in better protection of adolescents in Bangladesh.
Funded by: Unicef Bangladesh
Project Area: 3 Upazillas (Assasuni, Kaligong  Shayamnagr) under Satkhira District.
Project Period: 16 August 2012 to 15 August 2016
Financial status: BDT- 3,77,51,118/-
Project Beneficiaries: Total: 3, 20,450, female-5, 01,215, male-8, 21,665, total: 1, 64,333 HHs

Impact: Increase knowledge and practice level among the targeted people on Child Marriage, Child Labor and Corporal punishment (3Cs); And 8 behaviour change.

Challenges: Natural calamity and political unrest in the areas.

Lesson Learnt: “Engaging Communities” must an effective strategy for the C4D project sustainable     one. General people are aware about the consequences of early marriage of girl child but they always think about the safety of their child from socio-economic problems and liabilities. So, that they have been avoiding the law and society for early marriage. Sometimes they have been arranging the marriage outside of the village or their relative’s house.

IPT team show creating more positive role to change Social Norms and 8 key behaviours in the area. So, they needs more show within the project areas.

WDC formation and Orientation creating associational support to implementation activities in the areas, but most LGI representatives is not enough interested to spent more time such kind of non-monetary activities.

Upazilla and union level SBCC cell formation is essential for more effective output from the C4D project, especially 3Cs issue are very much important.

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