Conflict Transformation through Social Dialogue at the Union Level

Conflict Transformation through Social Dialogue at the Union Level

Background: Sharique, which started in 2006 is a mandated project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).  Now in its fourth phase, Sharique’s overall goal is to contribute to the empowerment of local citizens to make inclusive, gender sensitive and pro-poor collective choices about their lives and livelihoods through more democratic, transparent, inclusive and effective local government systems. Sharique’s Phase IV is built on the lessons learned from the previous three phases. Funds have been provided to Sharique to implement some innovation projects. One of the innovation sub-projects Helvetas wishes to implement is to pilot work on conflict transformation at the union level through social dialogue. This work will be basically a research work and an agreement has been signed between Helvetas and Rupantar for the implementation of this project. Rupantar will implement this research project at the field level and will strengthen the initiative taken by the government to maintain social peace and which will contribute to achieving SDG goal-16.

Nature of the project: Research based piloting approach to ensure local governance by conflict transformation through social dialogue at the Union level.  This will broadly follow the Business for Peace model of bringing together a range of stakeholders, under the umbrella of local government, to discuss and resolve issues of conflict.  The project will contribute to conflict prevention through inclusion and participation: offering the opportunity of a voice will in itself yield a peacebuilding benefit.

Funded by: Helvetas

Project Area: 6 Unions of Fultola and Batiaghata Upazila in Khulna District

Sl. No Name of the Upazila Name of the Union









Project Period: June, 2018 – October, 2019

Project Fund: 69,29,585/=

The Target Group

The main stakeholders of the project are Elected Representatives of Union Parishad, UP standing committees representatives, UDCCrepresentatives, Teacher, journalist, foreman, political leader, civil society, Religious leader, Freedom Fighter, Retired Officials, Ansar VDP/ Policing committee representatives, representativesof youth leader, Social/cultural leader, Local CBO representatives, NGO representatives, women leader, marginalized community group leader, businessman etc. of the respective working areas.

Total Staff: 7; Female: 3, Male: 4

Project Goal: Union Parishad as whole promoting social cohesion and harmonious environment with active citizen participation.

Project Objective:

Objective 1: Increased understanding of conflict dynamics to contribute in conflict transformation among the union level stakeholders.

Objective 2: Adapting / Coping with cultures & practices contributing to conflict transformation.

Expected Outcome:

Outcome 1: Enhanced dialogue at the union level to deliver good governance and conflict prevention.

Project Outcome 2: Enhanced learning of union level conflict and conflict mitigation approaches

Visits: 32

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