Adapting Wash for Climate Change

Project Title: Adapting Wash for Climate Change
Nature of the project: This project will enable 121,473 people to gain access to water and sanitation services, as well building their capacity in hygiene practice and climate change adaptation.
Goal: To address gaps in this response work, which by its nature is less participatory and more direct in addressing immediate needs, and does not involve the community in the planning. This has the potential to make interventions less sustainable as communities will not adapt to future changes.
Funded by: Water Aid Bangladesh
Project Area: Considering the overall vulnerability and disaster risk, the project will target all 63 wards of the seven unions in Koira.
Project Period: September 2010 to March 2017
Project Beneficiaries: Total: 1,21,473, Female: 55,736 Male: 65737
Project Staff: Total : 37, Female: 13, Male: 24

The disaster was unprecedented and affected the entire coastal area in southwest Bangladesh. More than 102,000 people were displaced and 154,206 houses were completely or partially damaged. Some people are still marooned by saline water, as communication infrastructure is yet to be re-built. All government services including health and education were completely stalled by the cyclone and there was senses that people were left helpless and did not know what to do.


Obstacles to cope with the partisan impediments which are generally occurred at the field level such as- Influences of several political parties at field level to form various committees, obstacles to site selection intervention and implementation.

Lesson Learnt:

If it is possible to work with the root level of community people then each and every activities might be successful and can meet the sustainable development. Such activities can aware the community people and much durable if it is implemented through man to man awareness process.

Good practice:

Formation of WDMC and strengthening them. They are identifying their problems and making action plan in the light of their emerging problems. They are still working to solve such problems & raising voice in their own communities. Strengthening & forming community club (Mothers club, professional club, child club, religious club, adolescent club, youth club, ethnic club etc.).

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