(Global Pluralism Award – https://award.pluralism.ca/2019-2/rupantar/)

The jury was impressed by Rupantar’s creative approach of using cultural performances to address sensitive social issues. Rupantar is truly working at the grassroots – mobilizing the most vulnerable in Bangladesh, including women and youth – to help build a vibrant democracy.”

Joe Clark, former Prime Minister of Canada and Chair of the Global Pluralism Award Jury.

For the very first time, the global pluralism award initiated the recognition of organizations and entities throughout the globe which is being organized and conducted by the Global Centre for Pluralism. It has been the very first time in 2019 that any Bangladeshi entity got enrolled and selected by the independent jury board to be in the finalist’s lists. Rupantar ended the competition as the honorable mention while it has been a great recognition for the hard work Rupantar had been conducting since their inception for promoting the diversity and pluralistic ideologies.

Pluralism to Rupantar means to protect, promote, respect, recognize, accommodate and value the inevitable human differences in order to foster belonging. Upholding pluralism involves multiple aspects: such as political empowerment for marginalized people, in the political sphere and rejuvenating social cohesion at the grassroots level. Rupantar is dedicated to unlocking human potential, empowering people, strengthening democratic practice, promoting cultural diversity and protecting the environment. By cultural diversity, Rupantar understands multi-faceted belief, faith and opinion.