Values and Culture

We strive to practice the following values within Rupantar and to promote them outside of     Rupantar:

  • Recognition and respect for basic human rights
  • Equal respect and value for all persons, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, color, caste and class
  • Promoting and practicing the values of democratic participation at all levels
  • Respect for culture and tradition
  • Promotion of equal, respectful and sensitive relationships between men and women
  • Special care for children, old age and physically challenged persons
  • Respect for nature and bio-diversity
  • Practicing the values and not just the methodology, of “Participation”
  • Downwards accountability and openness.

Rupantar Gender Forum

Rupantar’s Gender Forum has been functioning independently for promotion of women rights within the organization with a separate Gender Plan and Budget to mainstreaming gender in organization as well as social spheres. Beyond of it an independent ‘Nari Sangsad’, Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell are very much towards an equitable co-relation among men and women within organization and society.