Rupantar (meaning transformation) is a non-profit organization registered with the department of social services in 1992 and with NGO Affairs Bureau, Prime Minister’s office, Government of Bangladesh, in 1997. All of Rupantar’s programmatic interventions are operated under these umbrellas. Rupantar’s long-term programs are categorized into five broad categories, namely democracy and political empowerment, disaster management and climate change adaptation, peace and tolerance, children and youth rights, and popular media and folk theatre program. Our tailor make program includes exchange program and radio program.

In 2002, Rupantar started working globally through folk performances across Asia (China, Laos, Cambodia, India and Nepal) and in Europe (Sweden and UK).

We have, 2,000 volunteers, 624, 077 million direct reach with 328,059 female and 296,018 male. Since inception we touched the lives of 11 million people.

1.  Our programs are built through participatory approach, human resource development, reviving traditional folk cultural and using it as means of development communication, programs for the Sundarban, empowering grassroots women socially and politically.

2. Our organization strategy involves planning, field level sustainability, networking, advocacy, capacity development, develop sustainability in Sundarban region, improve livelihood through social, economic, political and religious rights and freedom.

3. Our intervention areas include environment, culture and socio-economic development of the south-western coastal region of Bangladesh, empowering marginalized communities, improve activities for equitable gender, establish democracy, good governance and human rights.

4. Our implementation process involves discussions, dialogue meetings, training for the citizens, women leaders, the local government representatives’ capacity development of stakeholders.